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Safety for Raleigh Home Owners

Today I heard that WRAL- Channel 5 -would be featuring a story on the potential danger home owners face when allowing strangers into their home when they are selling it themselves.   As Agents we take this matter very seriously.   Some of you may remember several years ago when a real estate agent in the Fayetteville area was shot and killed when showing someone a vacant home.   The North Carolina Real Estate Commission published a booklet for agents on safety and what people should and should not do when meeting strangers for the first time.   Our local Board of REALTORS and Triangle MLS requires all agents to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will keep all lock box codes, security alarm passwords and such matters confidential.  The fine for sharing any of this information with a non-agent can be as high as $1,500.   This is a very serious issues and I urge you to take as many precautions as you can before you open your home to strangers, including service providers and lawn care professionals.  Make sure that you know their true identity and ask for proof of driver’s license, business license, etc.  What ever may apply to help keep you and your family from danger.  

 Here are a few good tips to use:

Write down the color, make, model and license number of the car the person arrived in.

Tell someone you trust who are meeting, what time they will be at your house, what time they should leave.  Have them call you at a certain time to make sure you are ok.

Keep your cell phone in your pocket, not in a different room

Trust your instincts.  You have them for a reason

 Dress for safety- do not wear expensive jewelry

 Keep your valuables out of site- your laptop is included in this too.

For more information on how to protect yourself contact the Raleigh Police Department or an agency that offers self protection classes.

 Have a great day-


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