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Raleigh’s Time Warner Cable Announces New Channel Line Up

Raleigh’s Time Warner Cable announced this month that they will be changing their channel line up.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like changes in my life and thought that it may be helpful to post all of the information for you in one spot. 

Greater Raleigh Area Time Warner New Channel Guide Effective June 2010

Channel Block
Local Programming
200’s Kids and Family, Learning and Discovery, Faith and Inspiration
300’s Entertainment, Home and Leisure, Shopping
400’s News and Information, Music (MTV, VH1, etc)
Sports and Sports Packages
 700’s Premiums, Pay-Per-View and Events
 800’s International
Music Choice
 1000’s On Demand
1100 and up High Definition (Local Programming, Entertainment, Premiums and more..)


As far as I  know any shows that you normally record would transition without any problems, however, I would doublecheck to make sure.

Hope you have a great rest of your week!


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