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The Secret Behind Why Raleigh Outranks Buffalo, NY and Akron, OH

The United States is home to more than 8.3 million women-owned businesses that, in total, generate $1.3 trillion in revenue. In Raleigh, women-owned businesses supply 9.4% of jobs and symbolize millions of dollars of revenue. Our city holds a superior ranking compared to cities such as Buffalo, New York; Akron, Ohio; Provo, Utah; and Fayetteville, Arkansas, whose rates each average less than 5%.

More Jobs are Coming to Raleigh

Because of the high percentages of success in women-owned businesses in the Raleigh-Durham sphere, many women invest in the sector by relocating their current company or starting a new businesses in the renowned Triangle, North Carolina area.

Well-Known Women-Owned Businesses in the Triangle

Van Eure, a business owner in Raleigh, employs over 300 people in her business, The Angus Barn. Last year, The Angus Barn produced $15,923,614 in sales. Another successful women-owned business in the area is The Greer Group, which currently employs over 700 people and collects over $2.1 million in revenue yearly. The high success rates of these women in the business realm have inspired progress in other businesses owned by women in Raleigh and the surrounding cities.

a business professional standing in an office buildingOverall, the success rates of women in business is very high and only continuing to grow. Women-owned business are also considered a minority and with proper certification can be awarded contracts from private and governmental agencies.

Are You Relocating to Raleigh?

If you’re looking to live in a great city and relocate your current business or start a new one, consider Raleigh’s Craft Commercial, the premier local real estate firm serving the Triangle for over 30 years. To reach us visit or call 919-446-5000.

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