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Here’s Why Luxury Buyers Want Homes with Pools

Triangle luxury buyers are looking for listings that really stand out from the competition. That means it’s more important than ever to show off your home’s best features if you want to sell for top dollar. And in the Triangle, homes with pools are now in high demand.

6 Reasons Why Homes with Pools Are More Popular Than Ever

Buyers’ needs have changed a lot since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more people spend time at home, they may not be satisfied with just an ordinary backyard. Here are a few reasons why homes with pools have gained popularity over the last few months, especially in the luxury market.

Attitudes towards pools have changed

Relaxing by the pool

Pools often get a bad rap for being a liability or expensive to maintain. However, as homeowners spend more time at home, the benefits of having a pool now outweigh the drawbacks. Today’s pools require significantly less maintenance, and you can even handle most of the upkeep yourself.

Buyers want a private outdoor space

Swimming in the pool

Most luxury buyers are on the hunt for a lavish backyard—and more often than not, a pool is at the top of their must-have list. Having your own pool provides plenty of privacy, as well as endless recreational and entertainment opportunities. Because COVID-19 has closed many public pools, it also allows you to have some fun in the sun without leaving home.

People are relocating from areas where pools are common

Homes with pools in backyard

It’s no secret that the Triangle is seeing rapid growth, but you may be surprised to learn where all of these new residents are coming from. According to a recent survey by Carolina Demography, a vast majority of new North Carolinians are relocating from Florida, as well as other southern states. Buyers from these areas are often accustomed to living in homes with pools—which means your property could sell faster if it has one.

Buyers don’t want to build their own pool

Kids swimming in homes with pools

Let’s face it—building your own pool can be a pretty time consuming and expensive process. In order to bypass all of those hassles, many buyers are willing to pay a little more for a home that already has a pool.

Pools provide opportunities for exercise

Swimming laps at homes with pools

Swimming can improve your cardiovascular health and flexibility, which makes having a pool an obvious choice for health-savvy homebuyers. Pools are also ideal for stress-relief and low impact exercise for all ages.

Pools provide gorgeous scenery

Pool in a backyard

There’s something truly magical about gazing into the pristine blue water of a pool as you lounge in the sun. Pools complement just about any backyard, especially if you’ve splurged on some beautiful stonework and landscaping. And when it comes to selling your home, a stunning pool can add a real wow factor that buyers will remember.

Looking to Sell Your Triangle Home?

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