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Real Estate Mortgage Predictions for 2023

Kim Crump Putting Your Home on the Market in JanuaryKim Crump, ABR, CSSB - Real Estate Broker - Linda Craft Team, REALTORS | LinkedInIt’s the start of the new year, and you are considering putting your home on the market right now. So what should you expect putting your house on the market right now? Should you wait? Maybe you can’t wait, but need to do it because of relocation. What should you do to make sure that your home has an opportunity to have the best price? Well Home Selling Expert Kim Crump with Linda Craft Team, Realtors will help you answer your home selling questions. Do you have a question about home selling?  Contact

Linda Craft and Team and A New DirectionLinda Craft Team, Realtors they not only sponsor A New Direction, they may be a real estate company, but what they really do is help people transition in life.  In fact, you can call them the transition experts.  Let’s face it with every move that you make, you are making a transition in life, and for more than 38 years The Linda Craft Team has helped make their transitions smoothly with less stress.  So when you are ready to make your next life transition, whether selling your home or buying a new one, go with the transition experts.  Your just one click away!  Check them out by going to

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