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How History of Interest Rates Gives More Confidence to Buy A Home

Paul Fitts Histor of Mortgage Rates - Real Estaet Right Now Show - Jay Izso

Paul Fitts Histor of Mortgage Rates - Real Estaet Right Now Show - Jay IzsoAnyone buying a home is affected by an interest rate, everyone buying a home in our current rate market asks the same question “are rates coming down?” We just left an 80 year low rate market for several years and as we become accustomed to the market the mortgage rates are perceived as a big change…but are they really?

In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Paul Fitts | Advantage Lending Senior Loan Officer takes us through the history of interest rates and how we can have a more full understanding of how interest rates have changed over the years.  Through his research and data he will explain that even though the rate is higher right now you should have the confidence that a home purchase now is a great decision.

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