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How Interest Rates Are Artificially Inflated

Paul Fitts - Are Interest Rates Artificially Inflated - Real Estate Right Now - Linda Craft Team Realtors

Are Interest Artificially Inflated?

Do you understand how interest rates work?  If you do you are probably in the mortgage or banking industry.  The fact is that most people who buy a home have no idea how mortgage companies arrive at the interest rate you are told.

The fact is there is a lot of people involved.  There are some other entities involved.  And truthfully speaking the mortgage company is typically not to blame.  So how do they arrive a the interest rate you and I pay?

Well, when you combine data, technical support areas and politics the rate market has quite possibly reached it’s peak, and interest rates are affected.
Paul Fitts Histor of Mortgage Rates - Real Estaet Right Now Show - Jay IzsoOn this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Paul Fitts Senior Loan Officer from Advantage Lending, walks us through how the interest rate gets passed to you and talks us through the rate market, and also addresses the question, “Are interest rates artificially inflated?”
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