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What is a Community Bank and What Options Can They Give You on a Home Loan?

Doug Schoonmaker - What Can a Community Bank Do for You - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

What is a Community Bank, and How Can They Help You with Your Next Home Purchase?

We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. We at Real Estate Right Now have said for the last 12 months interest rates would start dropping when we got into 2024 as we get closer to an election year…they seem to magically drop. And guess what? They did!!
As more home buyers get into the market you should consider your lending options. And one such option is the community bank.
Officers - Raleigh Mortgage Bankers AssociationWait…what? What is a community bank you may eagerly ask? Well rather then spell it out here, on this episode of Real Estate Right Now, we have VP and Mortgage Originator Doug Schoonmaker from United Community Bank to help us understand how a community bank is a great option, and how they are a bit different than your traditional lender.
Listen in as Doug explains how a community bank keeps the money in the local community, has more control over exceptions to the loan process, and a number of programs to choose from especially six 100% financing programs.

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