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What Every First Time Seller Needs to Know

Kim Crump - First Time Home Sellers - What Should You Know - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso
We often talk about first time home buyers. Because after it all it is more than likely the single largest personal purchase you will make in your life.
But what we don’t talk about is selling your first home. When buying your first home you wanted to get the home for the least amount of money.
But when selling your home you want to get the most amount of money. How is it even possible for a buyer and seller get together?  Some how how they do.
Raleigh Real Estate Listings - Cary, Apex, and Greater Raleigh Homes for  Sale.So, when it comes to selling your first home, what should you know. How does the process work. What should you do and not do?
In this episode Home selling expert Kim Crump of Linda Craft Team Realtors joins us to talk about some of the things you need to be aware of when you sell your first home.

Linda Craft Team, Realtors no matter where you live in the world, Linda Craft and her team can help you find the best professional in your area to help you sell or buy your next home.

While most real estate professionals belong to a nationally affiliated company where they are obligated to use the people in their company’s network.  Linda Craft and her team are privately owned and operated.

That means they can find the absolute best professional from ANY company to ensure you get the best service. Located in the Raleigh Research Triangle Park of North Carolina…they are indeed legendary when it comes to service.

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