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What You Should Know About Getting Your First Mortgage

Paul Fitts - What You Should Know About Getting Your First Mortgage - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso
With interest rates coming down, some of you are considering purchasing a home. Typically, people who purchase a home need a mortgage.

Most often people will start their home purchasing process by speaking with a real estate professional. But a great real estate professional will tell you to start your home purchase with a mortgage lender.
The reason being seller’s want to ensure that you can obtain a mortgage before you can purchase the home.
Paul Fitts - What you should know about getting your first mortgage - real estate right now with Jay IzsoSo now you set up a meeting with a mortgage lender, what should you expect? What should you be prepared for? Do you need to bring anything with you?
In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Senior Mortgage Lender with Advantage Lending Paul Fitts joins us to help you understand the mortgage process from beginning to end.

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