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What You Should Know About Joining Your First Real Estate Team

Sophie LaPierre - What You May Not Know About Becoming A New Real Estate Broker - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso
I have said that getting into real estate is like Denny’s…”You don’t make a reservation to go there, but after a few drinks it’s where everybody seems to wind up.”
Well maybe that is not exactly true, but fact remains that many people have the thought about getting into real estate.
And by the way there are all generations of people who are interested in it. And they get interested in it for a variety of reasons.

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In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Sophie LaPierre a new real estate professional with Linda Craft Team, Realtors joins us to talk about her experience joining a new real estate team.
A recent college graduate, Sophie is going to give you a real life glimpse into what she faces being a new agent, what she needs to learn, and some of the challenges she faces along the way.
If you have ever thought about getting into real estate…this show is for you!
Linda Craft  Team, Realtors no matter the time of year, for 39 years Linda Craft Team Realtors has been helping people fulfill their dream of homeownership.

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