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Raleigh Real Estate is a Great Investment

What were the general principles we all learned in long term investing? Buy low, sell high, diversify, have an emergency savings and remember the long in long-term investing.  An artificial bubble was created by removing all barriers to owning a Raleigh home. If you were breathing you could get a Raleigh home mortgage and interest rates were historically low.  The buy button was pushed and the rush to riches through real estate investing came to an end because bubbles eventually burst. The bubble was never meant to be permanent but, now that it has burst many people are afraid to invest in a Raleigh home purchase. The Raleigh real estate bursting bubble has left you with one of the best Raleigh home buyer markets in all of history.

The ups and downs of Raleigh Real Estate Investing

Every investment has ups and downs but, over time owning a Raleigh home is a safe and prudent place to invest your money. Where else can you get a tax deduction, a place of YOUR OWN to express your pride of Raleigh home ownership and earn these kind of percentages on your investment?

National Home Appreciation Data

1970 – 1979 = 142% appreciation

1980 – 1989 = 52% appreciation

1990 – 1999 = 45% appreciation

2000 – 2008 = 42% appreciation

Data taken from RISMedia March 2009

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