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Creative Land Investments

Tuesday is a special day for the Linda Craft Real Estate Team.  I fondly call it Team Tuesday. It is the day we all pile into our wrapped passenger van and ride around the Triangle area previewing our new listings in the Greater Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Garner, Clayton, Apex and Holly Springs areas.  We sharpen our  Triangle Real Estate market knowledge,  share ideas and information for approxiamtely 3 hours every week.   A think tank of top professionals sharing their best practices.  neighboring Bass lake park pan 2

This past week one of my buyer agents,  JV Lavery, mentioned that prices on large tracks of land had dropped significantly and what a great time it was to buy land and hold it. He is so right but, I don’t know many developers  with $500,000 to a million dollars cash in the bank to buy land in these tight economical times. We all know land has always been a great investment and everyone I know is looking for something to buy cheap and hold onto for high profits later so we started brainstorming who could buy this well priced land.

Here Are Some Ideas On How To Buy Land:

1.   A group of individuals could buy the land to use as a hunt club. For the price of a yearly membership they could own acreage together. Use it to hunt now and hold it for a later sale when the value increases. Now that is a great real estate investment with no risk.

2.  A church could buy land now to hold for a future church plant

3.  A group of individuals could buy land to hold for future development or to sell when the next housing boom hits

4.  A family could buy land and put it into a family trust which would benefit their children

What are some other ideas you may have?  If you are interested in finding out about the best tracts of land for sale in the Greater Raleigh area please contact my team, JV Lavery or myself.  We would love the opportunity to work with you.

Have a great weekend,


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