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Real Estate Mythbusters: 3 Seller Myths 3 Buyer Myths

Tony Fink 3 Seller Myths and 3 Buyer Myths - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Real Estate Mythbusting

There are so many things happening in real estate right now. Interest rates have increased, low housing inventory, some places and prices are still experiencing multiple offers.
Learn more about Tony FinkSome people are afraid to sell, some are trying to buy, but not sure if they can. It can feel all quite chaotic.
And then couple that with different things we all hear from different people it is difficult to sort the myths to the realty.
Well in this episode of Real Estate Right Now we do some more Real Estate Mythbusting with Buyers Seller and Buyers Expert Tony Fink of Linda Craft Team Realtors. This is a fun show, and one that you will probably get more of surprise than you think.

Linda Craft Team, REALTORS, for  more than 38 years they have been known as the “Legends of Customer Service”. And it’s because of their culture.

They have helped people from all over the world find the right professional to sell or buy their home.

And if you are located in the greater Raleigh Research Triangle Park (RTP) area stop in and get a FREE bottle of water and learn how they can help you.

Whether you are buying your first home or selling your tenth home…head on over to the legends of customer service…go to

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