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Pricing a Raleigh Home

It Takes Four Things For Every Homeowner to Sell a Raleigh Home: 1.   A Compelling Price 2.   Condition 3.   Access 4.   A good marketing agent Many sellers today feel very beat up and out of control in this challenging and competitive Raleigh real estate market. Many Raleigh home sellers get mad at their real estate […]

The Raleigh Real Estate Market is Causing Unbearable Stress and Heartache For Many Families.

The Raleigh Real Estate market is causing unbearable stress and heartache for many families. Many Raleigh homeowners’ are losing their homes to foreclosure because their anticipated income did not keep pace with their adjustable rate mortgages and inflation. Many people in this position call a REALTOR to help them sell their homes only to discover […]

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