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What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Into Real Estate

Steve Kruger - Featured - What I wish I would have known before I got into real estate - real estate right now with Jay Izso
Many people want to believe that going to real estate as a career is easy. But the fact is you spend hours taking a pre-licensing course. Then you must past the provisional brokers exam. Then in two years you must take classes to become a full-broker. And once you make it through all those things then you have to build a business.
Steve Kruger - Senior Listing Partner - Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS |  LinkedInBuilding a business is not easy. Trying find clients is not easy. And then when you do have a client say a buyer, you spend hours researching and showing homes. And then what if they don’t buy anything? Perhaps you do sell a home, but then you realize you only get a portion of the commission, because you split it with the selling agent, and then the company also takes a percentage of your income.
It seems so lucrative, but that in fact is not the typical agent. In fact, according to the National Associations of Realtors the average Real Estate Agent average was $44,813 dollars. And in your first year it is typically much less. But it is not all bad. In fact, there is a lot of good. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Senior Listing and Buyers specialist Steve Kruger with Linda Craft Team Realtors and I talk about some of things you should know before you get into the real estate as a profession.
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